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fanuc 6m maintenance manual

We modifier who upfitted it. As a result, some recommend that you take some time to. For electronic devices while driving. This Owner’s Manual is written primarily for the U.S. and Canadian Markets. Features or equipment listed as standard may be different on units built for Export. Refer to this Owner’s Manual for all other required information and warnings. Ford recommends See the following sections for directions checking with a NHTSA Certified Child on how to properly use safety restraints Passenger Safety Technician (CPST) and for children.In Canada, check with your local St. Follow the child seat When used in combination, either the manufacturer's instructions to correctly safety belt or the LATCH lower anchors. Rear Seats Route the child safety seat tether strap over the back of the seat, under the head restraint and between the head restraint posts. If a If, with a backless booster seat, you cannot vehicle seating position has a low seat find a seating position that adequately back or no head restraint, a backless supports your child's head, a high back booster seat may place your child's head. A safety seat that is rubberized mesh sold as shelf or carpet improperly installed or utilized, is liner under the booster seat may improve inappropriate for your child's height, age, this condition. Always drive and ride with the seat Failure to follow this could seriously backrest upright and the lap belt increase the risk of injury or death. In frontal buckle. and near-frontal crashes, side crashes and Using Safety Belts During rollovers, the safety belt pretensioners may Pregnancy. The safety belt After any vehicle crash, the safety will still retract to remove any slack in the belt system at all passenger seating shoulder belt. Safety Belt Extension Assembly WARNING Do not use extensions to change the. Switch the ignition on. Do not start the Ford Motor Company recommends that engine.

If the airbag is not replaced, the unrepaired area will WARNINGS increase the risk of injury in a crash. Airbags do not inflate slowly or gently, and the risk of injury from a The airbags are a supplemental restraint. DRIVER AND PASSENGER Passenger Airbag On and Off AIRBAGS Switch (If Equipped) WARNINGS WARNINGS Even with Advanced Restraints Never place your arm or any objects Systems, children 12 and under over an airbag module. Switch position Passenger airbag status Passenger airbag indicator OFF: Lit Disabled. This indicates that the passenger airbag is deactivated. Turning the Passenger Airbag Back On WARNINGS The safety belts for the driver and right front passenger seating positions have been specifically. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Deactivation Criteria (Excluding Canada) The Safety Canopy Do not place objects or mount is mounted to the roof side rail behind the equipment on or near the headliner headliner and above each row of seats. The safety canopy will not interfere above safety devices plus the crash with children restrained using a properly sensors. Keep the label transmitter near the key ring to remove in a safe place for future reference. MyKey Press the OK button. Create MyKey When prompted, hold the OK button until you see a message informing you to label this key as a MyKey. MyKey Press the OK button. Clear MyKey Press and hold the OK button until the following message displays. See Information Displays (page 79). To find information on a programed MyKey(s), press the left arrow button to access the main menu and scroll to: Message Description Settings. This is intentional. When you restart system.MyKey, if the MyKey driver uses the remote 3. See Clearing All MyKeys (page 48). start fob. That way, when the MyKey driver Follow Steps 1-3. See Using MyKey With Remote Start Systems (page 51).Note: Make sure you have locked your Note: The liftgate unlocks if all the doors vehicle before leaving it unattended.

Reprogramming the Unlocking Function Locking. Opening and Closing the Double E148804 Rear Doors Pull the interior door handle to open the door. E178366 E175955 Slide the lever to release the catch. 2. Push the inner release lever down to 2. Fully open the cargo door.You can switch this on in the information display. For van You can switch on this function using the and Kombi, the cargo area includes the information display. See Information rear doors and the sliding door. For bus or Displays (page 79). Keep ANTI-THEFT ALARM (If Equipped) the ignition on for at least three seconds, but no more than 10 seconds. Alarm System 3. Switch the ignition off and remove the The perimeter alarm is a deterrent against first correctly coded key from the unauthorized access to your vehicle ignition. Note: Make sure that you are sitting in the correct position. See Sitting in the Correct Position (page 95). E95179 3. Lock the steering column.Press to go to the home screen. E142613 Press to go to the information screen. E142608 See MyFord Touch (page 349). CRUISE CONTROL E130248 See Information Displays (page 79). Do not operate the windshield wipers on a dry windshield. This may scratch the glass, damage the wiper blades or cause the wiper motor to overheat. Always use the windshield washers before you switch the windshield wipers on. The rain sensor is very sensitive and the wipers may operate if dirt, mist or insects hit the windshield. Note: Make sure you switch the windshield wipers off before entering a car wash. Note: If streaks or smears appear on the windshield, clean the windshield and the wiper blades. Condensation can be a natural by-product of this design. When moist air enters the lamp assembly through the vents, there is a possibility that condensation can occur when the temperature is cold. When the lighting control is in the autolamps position, the headlamps automatically turn on in low light situations Parking Lamps or when the wipers activate.

Select position B on the lighting control to The headlamps will remain on for a period switch the parking lamps on. See General Information (page 79). See You can switch the rain light feature on Information Messages (page 84).If you leave a door open with the ignition switched off, they will automatically turn off after a short period of time to prevent the vehicle battery from losing charge. Press or WARNINGS lift it again to stop the window. To avoid risk of injury, do not leave Bounce-Back children or pets unattended in your vehicle. Repeat the procedure if the window does not close using the one-touch feature. It will automatically return to normal reflection when you select reverse gear to make sure you have a clear view when backing up. REAR QUARTER WINDOWS Opening the Rear Windows Equipped) See Information Displays (page 79). Speedometer. Engine coolant temperature gauge. Tripmeter reset and distance to empty toggle button. Fuel gauge. Tachometer. Vehicle Settings and Personalization Information Display See General Information (page 79). Odometer Engine Coolant Temperature Registers the distance your vehicle has Gauge traveled. Stop your vehicle as you refuel your vehicle. If the needle points soon as it is safe to do so and switch the to E after adding fuel, this indicates your engine off. If the parking brake is disengaged, this indicates low brake fluid The following warning lamps and level or a brake system fault. Have the indicators will alert you to a vehicle system checked by an authorized dealer. The water in the fuel filter. Drain off engine will continue to run but it may have the water immediately. Low Tire Pressure Warning Stability Control It will illuminate if the tire. We strongly recommend that you use extreme caution when using any device that may take your focus off the road. See Gauges (page 73).

Information Message Driver Alert DEF level Engine Hours Idle: Engine Hours Running: Trailer Brake Gain: System check Settings Message Action Driver Assist Driver Alert Trailer Brake Electric Elec.-Hydraulic. Set ringtone Phone status Text msg notify Emerg. Assist. SYNC-Menu Message SYNC-Settings Bluetooth on Set defaults Master reset System info Voice settings Browse USB SYNC-Apps All Values. Changes in driving pattern may was last reset. Press the OK button. Information Choose your applicable setting. Press the OK button. Note: The default setting is on. Note: You cannot switch safety warning message chimes off. You need to confirm certain messages before you can access the menus. The system has detected a fault that requires service. The See manual system has detected a fault that requires service. DEF level empty YY MPH Indicates that your vehicle speed will be restricted when you max Upon restart restart your vehicle. See Main- tenance (page 200). Low beam Bulb fault Indicates that a low beam headlamp bulb has burned out. See Maintenance (page 200). Headlamp fault Service The system has detected a fault that requires service. Cranking time exceeded Indicates that the engine has failed to start. Tire Pressure Monitoring System Message Description and Action Low Tire Pressure The tire pressure is low in one or more tires, check the tire pressures. The evaporator extracts humidity from the air to help keep Keep the air intakes in front of the the windows free of mist. The system windshield free from obstruction (such as directs the resulting condensation to the snow or leaves) to allow the climate. Adjust to select the desired fan speed or switch off. If you switch the fan off, the windshield may fog up. Recirculated air: Press the button to switch between outside air and recirculated air. To improve air conditioning when starting your vehicle, drive with the windows open for two to three minutes.

Air distribution control: Adjust to select the desired air distribution. Note: Keep the air intakes in front of the Select to distribute air through windshield free from obstruction (such as. Adjust to select the desired fan speed or switch off. Temperature and air distribution control: Controls the temperature of the air circulated in your vehicle. Adjust to select the desired temperature and distribution. They will turn off automatically after a short period of time. Note: Do not use razor blades or sharp objects to remove ice from the mirror glass or attempt to adjust the mirror glass when it is frozen in place. Make sure that you remain WARNINGS comfortable.Lowering the Head Restraint Press and hold button C. 2. Push the head restraint down. Removing the Head Restraint WARNING Do not remove the head restraint E138642 from an occupied seat. See Changing the 12V Moving the Seat Backward or Battery (page 213). Forward Adjusting the Lumbar Support WARNINGS Do not place cargo or any objects behind the seat backrest before returning it to the original position. Failure to follow this warning could result in serious personal injury or death. Do not place objects on a folded seat. Note: You can only remove seats that have integral release handles. Note: The seat back does not fold forward. Installing the Seats WARNINGS Make sure that the floor catches are. Do not insert objects other than an accessory plug into the power points. Run the engine for full capacity use of the power points. CIGAR LIGHTER E143941 Use the AC power point for powering electrical devices that require up to 150 watts. Make sure that cups placed in the holders do not obstruct your vision while driving. OVERHEAD CONSOLE Overhead Storage Compartments Overhead Console E171160 WARNING Do not place heavy objects in the. Do not park, idle or drive your vehicle on dry grass or other dry ground E72128 cover. If the engine idle speed does not to position P.

slow down automatically, have your vehicle checked by an authorized dealer. Fuel such as gasoline is highly toxic and if WARNINGS swallowed can cause death or Do not overfill the fuel tank. The permanent injury. If fuel is swallowed, pressure in an overfilled tank may call a physician immediately, even if no cause leakage and lead to fuel spray. This can cause damage to the than those available through your fuel system. Do not dispose of fuel in the Clean the plastic funnel and place it household refuse or the public back in your vehicle or correctly dispose sewage system. Prior to this occurring a message will appear in WARNINGS the information display.Filling the Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tank Using a Fuel Station Pump Filling the diesel exhaust fluid tank using a pump is similar to a refuelling your vehicle. To Note: If there is diesel exhaust fluid left in service a contaminated or inoperative the container retain it for later use. Holding the fuel pump nozzle in position A may affect the flow of fuel and shut off the fuel pump nozzle before the fuel tank is full. E139202 Note: When you insert the correct size fuel pump nozzle into a capless fuel system, a. Temporary malfunctions may. Do not disregard a system mainten- ance message. The Ford Warranty may not cover damage caused to your vehicle as a result of disregarding these messages. Do not disregard a system maintenance message. The Ford Warranty may not cover damage caused to your vehicle as a result of disregarding this message. Exhaust Filter Press the OK button.Depending on the amount of of over saturation, the service soot collected by the diesel particulate engine soon light will illuminate filter, ambient temperature, and altitude,. Commanded Regeneration If you need to cancel the operator commanded regeneration, press the brake Resonator and Tailpipe Assembly pedal or switch the ignition off to stop the Maintenance procedure. Similar federal or provincial laws may apply in Canada.

Ford recommends against any vehicle modification without determining applicable law.If control during emergency stops by keeping a metal-to-metal, continuous grinding or the brakes from locking.Center Parking Brake E172225 To apply the parking brake: Press the foot brake pedal firmly. 2. Pull the parking brake lever up to its fullest extent. See MyKey (page The traction control system helps avoid 47).If your vehicle begins to slide, the system applies the brakes to individual wheels and, when needed, reduces engine power. Make sure the traction control system was not manually switched off using the traction control button. If the traction control lamp stays on, have the system checked by an authorized dealer immediately. WARNINGS The electronic stability control portion of Vehicle modifications involving the system helps avoid skids and lateral braking system, aftermarket roof slides and roll stability control helps avoid racks, suspension, steering system,. The AdvanceTrac with RSC system cannot be completely turned off, but the electronic stability control and roll stability control portions of the system are disabled when the transmission is in position R. Do not place objects in front of the camera. Note: The green line is extended from 35 in (0.9 m) up to a distance of 126 in (3.2 m). Note: When reversing with a trailer the camera will show the direction of your vehicle and not the direction of the trailer. Cruise control allows you to control your speed using the switches on the steering wheel.Switching Cruise Control Off Note: You will erase the set speed if you switch the system off. Press and release OFF or switch the ignition off.Engine speed is limited to protect the The system may not operate on engine.Vehicle Speed Limiter - Fixed Do not carry out windshield repairs in the immediate area surrounding The system prevents you from driving.

The status bar will travel from left to right The warning system has two stages: as the calculated alertness level A temporary warning is issued to advise. If your The sensor may incorrectly track lane vehicle unintentionally drifts toward the markings such as other structures or road lane markings, you will see a warning objects. The operating limits.Before loading your vehicle, familiarize yourself with the following terms for determining your vehicle’s weight ratings, with or without a trailer, from the vehicle’s Tire Label or Safety Compliance Certification Label: Base Curb Weight - is the weight. The maximum must subtract the weight of the payload for your vehicle can be equipment from the payload listed found on the Tire Label on the on the Tire Label in order to B-Pillar or the edge of the driver. E143818 Safety Compliance Certification GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) - Label. The label shall be affixed is the Vehicle Curb Weight, plus to either the door hinge pillar, cargo, plus passengers. E143819 GCWR (Gross Combined GCW (Gross Combined Weight) Weight Rating) - is the maximum - is the Gross Vehicle Weight plus. You decide in your vehicle.If you remove three 100-pound (45-kilogram) cement bags, then the load calculation would be: 1400 - (2 x. Switching off trailer sway control Vehicles equipped with the Trailer increases the risk of loss of vehicle Tow Package or the Heavy Duty control, serious injury or death. WARNING Weight Distributing Hitches The Ford trailer brake controller has been verified to be compatible with A weight distribution hitch is not trailers having electric-actuated recommended for use with your vehicle. Pressing and holding a button raises or lowers the setting continuously. This also displays if you Gain: use the manual control lever or make gain adjustments with no trailer connected. However, the Ford Warranty does not cover this diagnosis if the fault is with the trailer.

Ford flat-towed with all wheels on the ground Motor Company has not approved a under the following conditions: slingbelt towing procedure. See Emergency Towing. You must place your vehicle on a car-hauling trailer, or place the front wheels of your vehicle on a tow dolly. You need to break in new tires for approximately 300 miles (480 ECONOMICAL DRIVING kilometers). During this time, your vehicle may exhibit some unusual driving Fuel economy is affected by several things characteristics. Floor mats should always rest on top of vehicle carpeting surface and not another floor mat or other covering. Additional floor mats or any other covering will reduce the pedal clearance and potentially interfere with pedal operation. Call the Ford Roadside Assistance at 1-800-665-2006 for additional 2. Switch on the ignition.To access an authorized dealer.Ford is or condition that substantially impairs also allowed a final repair attempt in some the use, value or safety of the vehicle) states. Engine Compartment Fuse Box Pre-fuse Box This is located under the driver's seat. Body Control Module Fuse Box E146726 For item location: See Under Hood Overview (page 201). E152512 Passenger Compartment Fuse Box This is located behind the removable trim. Selective Catalytic Reduction - Diesel. Selective Catalytic Reduction - Diesel. Selective Catalytic Reduction - Diesel.Glow plug monitor. Anti-lock brake system. Stability assist. Ignition. 7.5A Powertrain control module. Cooling fan - Gasoline. Left-hand windshield wiper. Right-hand windshield wiper. Air conditioning clutch. Diesel particulate filter vaporizer glow plug. Not used. Single cooling fan. Twin cooling fan. Twin cooling fan 2 - Gasoline. Windshield wiper - on and off. Windshield wiper - low and high speed. Electrical Vacuum Pump - Gasoline. Starter motor. Air conditioning clutch. Fuel vaporizer system glow plug. Fuel injection pump. Anti-lock brake system with electronic stability control. Parking brake. Not used.

Trailer tow back-up lamp relay. Cutaway body connectors. Not used. Not used. AC power outlet socket. Trailer brake module. Powertrain control module power relay. Body control module power feed. Ignition relay 3. Modified vehicle connections. Not used. Heated exterior mirror relay. Modified vehicle ignition connections. Remote keyless entry. Battery. 7.5A Power windows. Rear heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Front blower motor. Rear blower motor. Heated rear window. Trailer socket. Auxiliary power points.Trailer tow back-up lamp. Front blower motor. Rear blower motor. Heated rear window. Heated exterior mirrors. Not used. Modified vehicle connections. Pre-fuse Box E148828 Fuse Fuse rating Circuits protected Engine compartment fuse box. 470A Starter motor. Alternator. Positive temperature coefficient heater. Not used. 100A Engine junction box feed. 100A Passenger compartment fuse panel. Passenger compartment fuse panel supply. Auxiliary power point 1. Auxiliary power point 2. Brake transmission shift interlock.Right-hand high beam. Left-hand high beam. Right-hand exterior lamps. Left-hand position lamps. Not used. On-board diagnostic. Battery saver. Turn signal indicator. Power windows delayed accessory. Lane departure sensor heated windshield pad. Left-hand exterior lamps. Right-hand position lamps. A break in the fuse wire will indicate a blown fuse. Check the appropriate fuses before replacing any electrical components.There is a large network of Ford (if equipped).See Changing the Engine Air Filter (page 223). Engine oil dipstick. See Engine Oil Dipstick (page 204). Brake fluid reservoir. See Brake Fluid Check (page 210). Engine coolant reservoir. See Engine Coolant Check (page 206). Engine compartment fuse box. See Power Steering Fluid Check (page 210). Washer fluid reservoir. See Washer Fluid Check (page 210). The filler caps and the engine oil dipstick are colored for easy identification. UNDER HOOD OVERVIEW - 3.

2L POWER STROKE DIESEL E174603 Air cleaner. Remove the engine oil filler cap. 4. Refill the engine with new oil that 2. Add engine oil that meets Ford meets Ford specifications. See specifications. See Capacities and Capacities and Specifications (page Specifications (page 265). The cooling system is under coolant meeting the Ford specification.If this occurs, there is no need to pull off the road. Stop your vehicle as soon as it is safe You can continue to drive your vehicle to do so and switch the ignition off. See Scheduled Maintenance (page 433). Your 2. Add power steering fluid to the MAX transmission does not consume fluid. Attach a tube to the drain plug and 3. Rotate the housing counterclockwise place the end of the tube into a to the unlock position.See Fuel and Refueling of the tube. Make sure the battery box is correctly sealed. Your vehicle battery is heavy; take care when lifting and removing. E152529 Note: If you have power seats and the 2. Release the retaining clips and remove the cover. E162774 Remove the battery terminal cover. E162776 9. Note: The windshield wiper blades are different in length. If you install wiper blades of the wrong length, the rain sensor may not CHECKING THE WIPER work correctly. BLADES ADJUSTING THE HEADLAMPS Vertical Aim Adjustment If your vehicle has been involved in a crash, have the aim of the headlamp beam checked by an authorized dealer. Use a suitable tool, for block the light from the other headlamp.Let them cool down before you remove them. Use the correct specification bulb. See Bulb Specification Chart (page 221). The following instructions describe how to remove the bulbs. Install in the reverse order unless otherwise stated. See Removing a Headlamp (page 216). Remove the headlamp. See Removing a Headlamp (page 216). 2. Turn the bulb holder counterclockwise and remove it. 2. Note: You cannot separate the bulb from the bulb holder. Front Clearance Lamp E169209 Remove the large mirror glass.

Tilt the mirror glass fully up, pull the mirror glass toward you from the bottom. Pull the bulb straight out Interior Lamp Vehicles with Interior Sensors E175746 Tail and brake lamp. See CHANGING THE ENGINE AIR Capacities and Specifications (page FILTER - 3.2L POWER STROKE 265). DIESEL Change the air filter element and foam filler at the proper interval. See Scheduled WARNING Maintenance (page 433). To reduce the risk of vehicle damage and personal burn injuries, do not start your engine with the air cleaner. Remove the air filter element from the air filter housing. 5. Install a new air filter element. Make sure that the groove seal on the pleated paper filter traps both sides of the vertical partition of the air box. The wax will discolor or surfaces and do not leave cleaning stain the parts over time.Your vehicle may be: WARNINGS Utility vehicles have a significantly higher rollover rate than other types. The relative The temperature grades are A performance of tires depends (the highest), B and C, upon the actual conditions of their representing the tire’s resistance use, however, and may depart to the generation of heat and its significantly from the norm due to ability to dissipate heat when variations in driving habits, service. For Compliance Certification Label example: for P-metric tires (affixed to either the door hinge 35 psi (2.4 bar) or 36 psi pillar, door-latch post, or the. If America DOT Tire you change the wheel Identification Number size, you will have to (TIN): This begins with purchase new tires to the letters DOT and match the new wheel indicates that the tire diameter. A tire marked C and others.The cold with a letter, this may mean it is inflation pressure should designated by either ETRTO never be set lower than (European Tire and Rim Technical the recommended Organization) or JATMA (Japan Tire pressure on the vehicle. Numbers of 70 or lower indicate a short sidewall. D: Indicates a diagonal type tire. R: Indicates a radial type tire.

16: Indicates the wheel or rim diameter in inches. For requires that the tires are correctly example, the numbers 317 mean inflated.After 2000 Every day before you drive, check the numbers go to four digits. If you do not Tire Label.This will cause severe pressures also change. For T-type mini-spare could poke a hole in the tire tires, refer to the Dissimilar spare and cause an air leak. Inspect all the and sidewalls for damage, for tires, including the spare, example bulges in the tread or frequently, and replace them if sidewalls, cracks in the tread one or more of the following groove or separation in the tread. Drive with different tire pressures for the caution until you can safely pull front and rear tires and the vehicle off the road. A dissimilar spare wheel dual rear wheels.Installed Check the tire pressure periodically (at If one of the road wheels and tire needs to least monthly) using an accurate tire be replaced with the temporary spare gauge. See Tire Care (page 234). Tire pressure monitoring If the tires are correctly inflated and the system malfunction. If the dissimilar spare tire or wheel Ford Tire Mobility Kit sealant should be is damaged, it should be replaced rather used. To restore the correct operation of the tire pressure monitoring system, you must have the repaired road wheel and tire assembly refitted to your vehicle. Turn counterclockwise E146813 until the spare wheel rests on the 4. Remove the retaining nut to release ground and the cable is loose.Vehicles With a Spare Wheel Chassis Cab and Cutaway The spare wheel is under the rear of your. To help prevent the vehicle from moving when you change a tire, be sure to place the transmission in park (P), set the parking brake and block (in both directions) the wheel that is. The jack handle and lug wrench are located in a storage compartment in the front right-hand side stepwell. Note: The vehicle jack is in the load space area on vehicles with rear climate control.

A wheel chock may be located in the B-pillar or in a storage compartment in the front right-hand side stepwell. Make sure that the arrows on directional tires point in the direction of rotation when your vehicle is. See Technical Make sure the wheel and hub Specifications (page 264).Use only Ford recommended replacement fasteners. Retighten the lug nuts to the specified torque within 100 miles (160 kilometers) after any wheel disturbance, for example tire rotation, changing a flat tire or wheel removal. Use of other parts may impact vehicle performance, emissions and durability. Use of other parts may impact vehicle performance, emissions and durability. Use of other parts may impact vehicle performance, emissions and durability. Model year Assembly plant Production sequence number VEHICLE CERTIFICATION LABEL E142476 Please note that in the graphic, XXXX is representative of your vehicle identification. The DESIGNATION following table shows the transmission code along with the transmission description. Code Description Six-speed automatic trans- mission 6R80 CAPACITIES AND SPECIFICATIONS - 3.5L WARNING The air conditioning refrigerant system contains refrigerant R-134a. Motor oils of the Performance Brake Fluid, or equivalent, recommended viscosity grade that meet meeting WSS-M6C65-A2 or ISO 4925 API SN requirements and display the API Class 6. Motor oils of the recommended viscosity grade that meet API SN requirements and display the API Certification Mark for gasoline engines are also acceptable. Do not use oil labeled. Use of any fluid other than the recommended fluid may CAPACITIES AND cause brake system damage. SPECIFICATIONS - 3.2L Use multi-purpose grease for door latches, hood latch, auxiliary hood latch, trunk latch. Clock: Press the button to select clock setup. Seek up: Press the button to go to the next station up the radio frequency band. Seek down: Press the button to go to the next station down the radio frequency band.